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Actual Search & Replace 2.9

Actual Search & Replace helps you to search and replace any text on any file
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Actual Search & Replace is a tool that helps you to search and replace for a piece of text in a file and replace it with what you are feeding it. You can search for documents that contain a specified phrase or keywords and then replace, insert or remove text, based on your needs.

On the main window you can find three tabs (Find, Search and Replace, Options) available that will let you to perform advanced search & replace operations easily. Although the finding tool has a limitation and is that when you are looking a phrase or any text, the program will search inside ASCII files only.

On the Search and Replace Tab, you can use advanced options like Phrase, Multiline (one or several adjacent lines of the document), or Reg Expr (Regular Expression) to search files. The program interface shows your search results highlighting the lines where your specific words appear, and lets you to make new searches inside the results. Once you have gotten the desired results, you can replace, insert or delete anything you want. The application has an "undo" option and a great utility to make backups of the modified files.

Limitations: The application will work only 30 days.

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  • Search operation is very fast


  • You can only deal with ASCII files
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